CERAMICA COLLET S.A. Fundada el 1874
CERAMICA COLLET S.A. Fundada el 1874
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  • k12 sio2 awards 2019
    k12 sio2 awards 2019
SIO-2 Ceràmica Collet s’enorgulleix d'anunciar el seu suport a l’anual K12 Ceramics Exhibition Foundation! La contribució de SIO-2 assegura que aquesta emocionant i dinàmica exposició pugui continuar oferint oportunitats als futurs artistes de ceràmica durant els propers anys.

Aquest any, també presentem tres premis SIO-2 al prometedor treball dels estudiants. 

A continuació, presentem els treballs guanyadors d'aquesta edició:

SIO-2 Awards at the 22nd National K-12 Annual Ceramic Exhibition, NCECA 2019 Minneapolis

1st SIO-2 Award – 100 lbs
Caroline Niver, “Traveling Memories”
Grade 10 Marin Academy. San Rafael, CA
Inst. Anne Maurice

The excellent work of Caroline Niver evokes very directly the concept of "traveling", which implies being an openminded person, restless, with a receptive mind for understanding other cultures. Traveling is an essential asset in artistic and personal growth. In addition, it is a piece of difficult technical execution, very geometric, with straight planes and an exquisite decoration very well worked. It has fascinated us from the first moment we discovered it.

2nd SIO-2 Award – 75 lbs
Nola Wilson, “Stacked”
Grade 11 Worthington Kilbourne High School. Columbus, OH
Inst. Julie Woodrow

The collection of utilitarian ceramics by Nola Wilson has been chosen for the harmony of the forms, very well executed technically, under a sober but original decoration. Its warm background color will combine perfectly with the natural colors of food, allowing a complete gastronomic experience. We thought it was important to reward a work designed for the consumer, because artistic concepts often forget a commercial purpose. In this work both concepts are very well represented.

3rd SIO-2 Award – 50 lbs
Fiona MacKessy, “A Hot dog dressed Up as a Hot dog”
Grade 1 Village Center for the Arts. New Milford, CT
Inst. Sharon Kaufman

The charming work of Fiona MacKessy has moved us. Despite the author's young age, she has managed to make a well-proportioned and forceful piece. The dog's posture denotes an active, tense, powerful attitude, but at the same time very warm and friendly. Is also interesting the analogy with the “hot dog”, represented by a small enveloping layer (bread) and the lines of ketchup. A very promising artist.
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com