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SIO-2 PLUS® Lufthärtende Modelliermasse


SIO-2 PLUS® Lufthärtende Modelliermasse

  • k12 sio2 awards 2019

    K12 Ceramics Exhibition Foundation SIO-2 Awards

    Minneapolis, March 27-30
    SIO-2 Ceramica Collet is proud to announce its support for the annual K12 Ceramics Exhibition Foundation! This year, we are also presenting three SIO-2 awards to promising student work.
  • SIO-2 NCECA 2019

    NCECA Conference 2019

    Minneapolis, March 27-30
    SIO-2 Ceramica Collet participates to the 53rd Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA).
  • Fira del Fang Marratxí 2019

    XXXV Fira del Fang de Marratxí (Mallorca)

    2019 March 9-17
    SIO-2 Ceramica Collet collaborates in the XXXV edition of the “Fira del Fang de Marratxí” (Mallorca), which will take place from 9th to 17th March 2019.
  • SIO-2 PLUS

    PLUS Self-hardening Clay Workshop in BAUHAUS Paterna

    2019 February, 15th
    SIO-2 Cerámica Collet organize a PLUS Self-hardening Clay workshop in BAUHAUS Paterna (Valencia).
  • Stand SIO-2 Creativeworld 2019

    Creativeworld 2019

    Frankfurt, 26-29 January 2019
    As every year, SIO-2 Cerámica Collet participates in the International fair Creativeworld taking place in Frankfurt. This event brings together the main manufacturers and distributors of fine arts and creative leisure, being the largest fair in the world in this sector.
  • 2019 SIO-2 Calendar

    SIO-2 Calendar 2019

    3D Printing in Artistic Ceramics
    The 2019 edition of the popular SIO-2 Calendar is now available! This year is dedicated to 3D Printing in Artistic Ceramics.
  • PRNF - Aneto

    Installation “Continents”

    Barcelona, 2018 October 10th
    SIO-2 Ceramica Collet collaborates with the work "Continents" by the artist Xavier Masero, in collaboration with the ceramist Montserrat Carafí. The 60 amphoras conforming this great installation can be visited at the Museu Marítim de Barcelona until January 20, 2019.
  • Dissabtes Infantils

    Workshops with PLUS clay at Abacus

    October 20, 2017 - April 27, 2018
    SIO-2 Cerámica Collet collaborates one more year with Abacus in the season of activities "Dissabtes Infantils" (Children Saturday’s) doing workshops with PLUS self-hardening clay in their stores. Workshops are for children over 6 years.
  • Terrania 2018

    TERRÀNIA Montblanc 2018

    Montblanc, 2018 September 28-30
    SIO-2 Cerámica Collet collaborates in the 16th edition of the International Festival of Ceramics in Montblanc (Tarragona, Spain) that takes place in the amazing frame of the old church of Sant Francesc (s.XIII) and its environs.
  • Cerco 2018

    CERCO 2018

    Zaragoza, September 2018 13-23
    SIO-2 Cerámica Collet collaborates with a new edition of CERCO, the International Fair of Contemporary Ceramics held in Zaragoza.
  • Empordà Fang Cuit 2018

    Empordà Fang Cuit 2018

    La Bisbal d’Empordà, 2018 August 20-25th
    SIO-2 Ceramica Collet collaborates with the III edition of Empordà Fang Cuit taking place in La Bisbal d’Empordà (Girona), a town known for its big ceramics tradition. From 20 to 25 August, visitors will enjoy different workshops, demonstrations, shows, films and others activities around the ceramic.


    Argentona, 2018 July 6-8
    The International Ceramics Fair takes place from 6 to 8 of July in Argentona (Barcelona), a reference town in art and clay culture in Spain. SIO-2 Cerámica Collet collaborates with the different workshops and exhibitions of the fair. The faire will bring together more than 75 craftsmen and ceramists from all over the world and more than 25.000 visitors. The invited country of this edition is Romania, but there will be also representants from France, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia and Argentina.
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com