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Within the ceramic world you will find a long list of clays and tools to create your pieces. But you may think that you will find limitations that will make it impossible for you to get your piece from home... You don't have a ceramic kiln, you don't know which clay to choose, or where to start?

All you need is the wish to enjoy the clay and know the following TIPS to make pottery from scratch.

1. What kind of clay do I need?

You will find different clays on the market. We start with those that harden in the air (you don't need a ceramic kiln). These clays are very easy to use and are intended to create decorative pieces, but they cannot be used as tableware or as a container for liquids. We recommend PLUS and COLOR PLUS natural clays:

- PLUS: natural self-hardening clay with natural colours.

- COLOR PLUS: natural self-hardening clay with bright colours.

And the clays that need to be fired in a ceramic kiln (be careful! the domestic oven is not suitable for us). The firing clays are ideal for any use and type of piece: a cup, a pot, a plate, a figure, etc. Once fired, the natural clay becomes ceramic, so it can hold liquids and lasts forever! We recommend the clays from the SIO-2 Hobby Ceramics range, which are "all-terrain" clays ideal for starting out in ceramics.

2. I do not have a ceramic kiln. What do I do?

We offer you two easy solutions:

- Use PLUS and/or COLOR PLUS self-hardening clays, since they will be dry in 1-2 days no firing required.

- Look for a ceramic kiln. Check the list of workshops and centers where they offer a firing service (in Spain). You only have to ask for the price of firing; they will take care of the rest (prices usually depend on the size of the piece).

3. What tools do I need?

If you don't know what tools you'll need to mold and have fun creating your piece, we have sets that contain the basic tools to work with clay. Discover how to use them in the blog “How to Work with Clay”.

We hope that with these 3 simple “TIPS” you can start. Welcome to the ceramic world!

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