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Materials and Accessories

Basic products and tools to start creating your pieces, complete your modeling and perfect your decorations.

Paper Mache

Fine casting plaster

Modelling and sculpture set (14 tools)

Decorating wheel 30 cm

Terracotta tiles 10 x 10 cm

Pottery tool kit (8 tools)

Clay gun

Plaster cloth 20 x 270 cm

Ribbon tools

Roller for modelling

Modelling tools

Set of tools for empossing

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº5

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº11

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº19

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº20

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº25

Wooden tool SIO-2 nº37

Plaster cloth 10 x 270 cm

Decorating wheel 18 cm

Professional apron SIO-2®

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