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"Always in your hands"

Since 1874. We are a manufacturer of ceramic clays for industry, pottery and artistic ceramics, and natural modelling clays for crafts, fine arts and education.

Our target is to innovate, developing products with natural clays that, in their multiple applications, meet the needs of the most demanding users. In each of our products we use experience and passion, taking care of every detail from the conception of the product to the final manufacturing process.

The Quality System, certified according to ISO 9001:2015, is our framework for continuous improvement, and Social Responsibility and respect and care for the Environment are fundamental points in the philosophy of our firm.

Always in your hands, SIO-2® is your brand.

Our History
Manufacture of ceramic pieces for construction and decoration (1874-1979)

The activity of the Batllori-Collet family saga began in 1874 with Josep Batllori i Munné, son of Mariano Batllori i Juvert, a potter from Sants (Barcelona), who settled in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. For more than a century, quality ceramics have been manufactured for ornamental construction finishes and other utilitarian pieces.

Preparation of clay in settling ponds in
L'Hospitalet factory, early 20th century

Manufacture of ceramic clays and export development

In the 1980s, because of the structural ceramic products crisis, the activity of the company took a substantial turn towards the manufacture of ready-made ceramic clays, beginning to offer potters and small industries a quality raw material that allowed them to abandon their artisanal production of clay to concentrate exclusively on its own activity of finished ceramics.

Factory in Esparreguera, 1990s

With the transfer of the activity from L'Hospitalet de Llobregat to Esparreguera in 1979, a phase of productive development began, in the sphere of a totally family business, which placed CERAMICA COLLET and its brand SIO-2® as a leader in the manufacture of red ceramic clays in Spain. In addition, the development of the line of products for crafts begins, starting with SIO-2 clay in small units (2 kg) vacuum packed.

Advances were made in the formulation of products for the crafts line and, in 1984, the popular self-hardening clay SIO-2 PLUS® was launched on the market, which began to be promoted at foreign fairs, which marked the beginning of the export stage of the company.

In 1992, the entry of new shareholder partners is formalized, beginning a new stage of investment in facilities and human resources, with the objective of joining the leadership position in Spain with a strong export position in the countries that make up the European Union. In 2000, the Quality System certification was obtained according to the ISO 9001 standard.

First vacuum packaging for crafts and schools

First SIO-2 catalogs for export

Technification, diversification and leadership

In 2002, a change was made in the Company's Management, with the aim of adapting commercial strategies and human and material assets to new trends and market demands. In 2003, the headquarters were moved from its original place in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat to Esparreguera, thus joining the Production, Technical and Quality departments with Sales, Administration and Management.

In 2006, a new facility was set up for the production of special products, as well as new formats and packaging, which made it possible to launch the new line of brightly colored self-hardening clays SIO-2 COLORPLUS, as well as the second brand for crafts VIRA HOBBY®. In 2007, a new line of clays for natural cosmetics was launched on the market under the DERMOARGILA® brand, and, in 2008, the first robot was installed to automate the palletizing of the red clay production line.

First Angela Colls store in Barcelona

The company ANGELA COLLS® in La Bisbal (Girona) is bought to intervene in the distribution and to stimulate and popularize artistic ceramics. In 2006, the original store was moved to Vulpellac and, in 2009, a new distribution point was opened in Esparreguera (Barcelona). In 2010, ANGELA COLLS opens a store in the center of Barcelona and, in order to improve the logistics service, the Vulpellac warehouse and offices are finally moved to Esparreguera.

In 2011, a new stage of modernization of the factory facilities begins. The installation for dosing solids and liquids in the manufacturing line for special and grogged products is improved; the regulation of the mill is automated, and a new robot for automatic palletizing is installed. In 2013, a new gripper was developed for the robot, capable of palletizing any type of format and packaging; the exteriors of the factory are conditioned with paving and gardens, and a new ventilation system is installed inside the factory building that guarantees total aspiration of environmental dust. In 2014, a new digital cutting machine for industrial units was installed, which represents an increase in productivity during format changes and the total reliability of the weight of the manufactured units. In 2015, the SIO-2 Studio was inaugurated, a space annexed to the laboratory destined to share knowledge in artistic ceramics.

In 2016, the company COLLET CLAYS Corp., an affiliated to Ceramica Collet S.A., is created for the import and distribution of SIO-2® Ceramic Clays in the United States. The administrative headquarters is located in Miami (Florida) and the logistics warehouse next to the port of Savannah (Georgia).

As of 2019, a new stage of modernization begins in the factory to increase versatility and production capacity and, in this way, satisfy sales growth. A new ERP system is implemented for better planning of the company's resources. In 2021, in the midst of pandemics, the comprehensive automation of the production of the main manufacturing lines is completed, and the ANGELA COLLS store in Barcelona is moved from number 21 to 23, in a new renovated and groundbreaking location.

DERMOARGILA® cosmetic brand

SIO-2 Studio

Comprehensive automation of production

In 2022, in the midst of the company's digital transformation process, the SIO-2® brand ecosystem is expanded with the marketing of products under the name of SIO-2 Store, and the new website is launched, with ecommerce integrated with the company's ERP.

Headquarters, factory and warehouse of SIO-2 in Esparreguera (Barcelona)

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