Manufacturer of Ceramic Bodies and Clays for Modelling

General Sales Conditions


General Sales Conditions

Headquarters and Warehouse
CERAMICA COLLET S.A., Polígono Industrial L’Olana s/n. E-08292 Esparreguera (Barcelona) - SPAIN
Telephone: (+34) 93 777 23 44 – Email: info@sio-2.com.
Office hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00-15:00 h
Warehouse hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00-14:00 h

The offer of CERAMICA COLLET - SIO-2® brand - consists of ceramic bodies for industry, crafts and artistic ceramics, and modeling clays for crafts, fine arts and education. The articles, their characteristics and presentation are expressed in the commercial catalogs and on the website www.sio-2.com. The company reserves the right to modify formats and presentation of products and to temporarily or permanently exclude from the offer any of them.

CERAMICA COLLET issues price lists for the products according to its commercial policy, in which, in addition to identifying sales units and formats, it indicates the reference prices of the products it commercializes and informs about the conditions to which the sale operations are subject. Price lists are ex-works (EXW), unless expressly stated otherwise. The prices include the packaging of the product. Any modification of the original packaging conditions of the product at the customer's or carrier's instructions will be previously agreed with the customer and will be charged according to current rates. The company reserves the right to modify the price lists without prior notice, depending on the variation of the prices that affect any item of the cost of production. Taxes are not included.

The client or buyer, when formulating the order, implicitly accepts the current prices and these General Sales Conditions. The orders are considered in firm by CERAMICA COLLET once the terms of delivery and payment have been accepted by the buyer. The modification or cancellation of the order by the client must be agreed. In the case of order of special products, a guarantee covering the damages derived from the modification or cancellation of the order may be considered. IMPORTANT: in order to offer a better service and avoid confusion, we recommend formulating the orders in writing.

For any purpose, the goods are always considered delivered to the customer in the CERAMICA COLLET warehouse. In case of deliveries made from different warehouses, special conditions will be agreed with the customer. In credit sales, the merchandise is considered delivered to the customer by means of signature of conformity in the delivery note. Failure to meet the delivery deadline by CERAMICA COLLET does not involve a compensation.

Shipping is at the customer's expense and risk, except for special conditions agreed upon. Upon request, CERAMICA COLLET can arrange the shipment and include freight rates in the invoice.

CERAMICA COLLET guarantees the technical specifications of the products, reflected in labels and technical documentation issued exclusively by the firm. No liability is assumed for products with damaged packaging or improper storage outside our warehouse or defects resulting from a misuse of the material by the customer. In any case, the responsibility of CERAMICA COLLET is always limited to the price of the merchandise that the firm recognizes as defective. IMPORTANT: Storage: protect products from direct sunlight, avoiding excessive temperature changes and protect from frost. Use: customers have technical sheets available with information on the characteristics of the product and its use. It is highly recommended testing the products prior to big use in order to verify their suitability, both in the process to which they have to be submitted, and for the final apply that is expected to be obtained.

All CERAMICA COLLET products conform to regulations in force. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available upon demand. The company disclaim any liability for accidents involving personal injury or damage to property, caused by improper use of the products.

Shortage or Damaged Goods
Once receipt of the shipment, shortages, damaged goods or shipping mistakes must be noted on the delivery receipt and reported to us. Claims must be made within 15 days. Goods Return Defective goods must be reported to us. Goods can be returned only under authorization. The customer is obliged to place the goods subject to return free of transport and packaging costs at the CERAMICA COLLET facilities.

CERAMICA COLLET accepts any payment method. Terms: net 30 days. First order: payment in advance. Bank details: SWIFT code BSABESBB. IBAN (EUR): ES77 0081 0055 4000 0110 3918. IBAN (USD): ES33 0081 0055 4500 7044 0356.

The buyer renounces his jurisdiction and is subject to the Jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona.
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com
T. +34 93 777 23 44 | info@sio-2.com