PT terracota 12.5kg
PT terracotta 12.5kg
PT terracota 12.5kg
PT terracota 12.5kg
PT terracotta 12.5kg
PT terracota 12.5kg

PT terracotta 12.5kg

Terracotta earthenware


Traditional terracotta (calcareous) earthenware clay. Its calcium carbonate content (19%) allows displaying an interesting palette of colours, from pink to straw colours, depending on the firing temperature and atmosphere. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is ideal for standard pottery glazes, in both single and twice firing processes. Its high resistance to frost and environmental degradation make it ideal for pieces exposed outdoors (garden pots, tiles, etc.). Available in powder (dry form) and extruded body (moist form) in a wide range of water content depending on the shaping application: wheel-throwing, modelling and shaping processes (extruding and pressing).

Firing range: 990-1085ºC / Cone 06-03
Water content (throwing): 22%
Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 17
Carbonate content (CaCO3): 19%
Drying shrinkage: 7.3%
Firing shrinkage (1000ºC): 0.1%
Porosity (water absorption at 1000ºC): 12.4%
Dry bending strength: 8.5 N/mm2
Fired bending strength (1000ºC): 23.7 N/mm2
Thermal coefficient (25-500ºC): 72.2x10^-7ºC^-1

Ceramic kiln low fire
12,5 kg
Moist form (plastic body)
4 throwing and modelling
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