Papel Mache SIO-2 500g

Paper Mache SIO-2 500g

Paper Mache in powder for hobby and crafts


SIO-2® Paper Mache is ideal for crafts. Very easy mixing and working qualities. Perfect for modelling any type of project. Ideal over a surface or armature. Dries remarkably hard. Once finished the project, it can be sanded and painted. Very light.

Instructions: in a bowl with water, add Paper Mache and mix well until a smooth and consistent dough is achieved. Recommended mixture: 1 part of water and 3 parts of Paper Mache. After preparing the dough, you can start modelling, either by coating a support (cardboard, paper, wood, plaster, etc.) or directly shaping the dough. Once dry, it can be sanded or carved. Decorate the finished project with any type of paint.

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