Venda yeso SIO-2 10x270cm 2rollos

Plaster cloth SIO-2 10x270cm 2 rolls

Plaster cloth for arts & crafts


The SIO-2® plaster cloth is ideal for achieving the desired surface or relief by covering any material (cardboard, wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc.). Especially suitable for masks, molds and models.

Instructions: cut the bandage according to the desired measurements depending on the surface to be covered. Small strips can be made if the surface is not flat (a face for example). Submerge in warm water for 3 seconds and drain well by gently pressing the bandage. In the case of small strips, 1 second of immersion will suffice. Apply to the surface smoothing and modeling with your hands. Allow to set (harden) between 2 and 3 minutes. If several strips are applied, it is not necessary to wait for the previous strip to harden, and it can be applied directly. Once finished, it can be painted or decorated with any paint or material.

Non-toxic material. It can be applied directly to the skin (masks). Apply protective cream to favor extraction once it has set.

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